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Within our casino selection, you’ll only find businesses that are licensed, regulated and regularly tested. If you want to know the parent company or where an online casino is licensed, you’ve come to the right place. Our mission is to showcase the upstanding online casinos that deserve your business and to demonstrate that most of these providers don’t deserve the hard criticism this industry often receives.

We’re in a position to provide this information because we’re a team of expert gamblers ranging from experienced game testers to former professional players. If there’s a flaw to spot at an online casino, you can count on us to pick it out. We know what to look for, and nothing is more important to us than protecting our readers and earning their trust.

Our readers range from new and casual gamblers to old hands and high rollers, and many of them are seeking new challenges and exclusive opportunities. We carefully research each casino we list. In this way, we ensure deep insight that provides real value to the people who count on us.

How Do I Select an Online Casino?

There are hundreds of online casinos to choose from and dozens that stand out. Choosing the right one is not a simple process for most. A bad choice can set you back quite a bit. This particularly true when a casino makes it difficult to break away. It’s why we’ve made it our mission to find high-quality casinos and to completely de-list all of casinos that don’t deserve to be here. We perform extensive testing, and while we can’t promise that our efforts will make your choice easy, can promise that your choice will be limited to only the most reputable online casinos around.

What Does It Matter at a Reputable Online Casino?

Promotional offers work because they’re quite tempting, but they say very little about the integrity of the casino itself. We look behind the bells and whistles at what’s really there. We believe that a casino worth our time should have a large selection of games as well as professional customer support that are native English speakers and is easily available when we gamble. We rank according to a number of criteria, and our readers can make choices based on what is most important to them.

It’s crucial to look at casinos through different lenses. Player A, for instance, loves modern slot machines and likes to move on the newest entries available. Player B, on the other hand, is a roulette pro who’s very set in his ways. Both of these players want very different things from an online casino. Complicating matters is that the online casino industry is still relatively young and casinos change often. It’s why we update reviews regularly to account for changes, new bonus campaigns and so forth.

Free or With Real Use in the Online Casino

Payment at most casinos is optional, and that’s because most companies now allow their games to be experienced in a free-to-play arcade modes. Often, you can play these games without even registering an account. This gives you the chance to learn a particular game or what a casino has to offer overall without risking any of your hard-earned bankroll. When you’re ready to commit, you can deposit and play for real money, and of course, that is where the real excitement lies.

This makes it easy to sample a number of different casinos, and this is something we recommend wholeheartedly. You’ll never truly appreciate what a casino does well until you know how even the best online casinos differ. This is why the best casinos let you experience them with no obligation. is first and foremost a portal for online slots, and our focus is on giving the world’s biggest slot fans the information they need to have fun and be successful. We test the slot machines so that you don’t have to and can instead focus on what you want to play. Even after we’ve tested a machine, we recommend not playing with real money right away but instead going a few spins at least in the demo mode. Get comfortable with a machine, and then go for gold.

Play Without Obligations

Online casino hold a number of decisive advantages over their land-based counterparts, and one of these is being able to cater to players without demanding that they pay right away. We cannot emphasize enough that this is an option that all players should take advantage of. It helps you avoid surprises and use your bankroll more wisely. Once you’re sure this game is what you want to play, you can seamlessly switch to the real money version. Even with real money, you can expect most online casinos to offer an option for practically every budget.

We like to think of ourselves as tour guides helping gamblers navigate their way to a preferred destination as efficiently as possible. Think of our website as a navigation system. We present numerous upstanding casinos from throughout the world, and as you better understand what you like and want, you can refine you path in order to wind up at the perfect casino for you.

Why Have We Decided Specifically for Certain Online Casinos?

Because the casinos we list are the best around. Based on our experience, these are the casinos you can trust. As we discussed in the opener, our job is to protect our readers, and the dark side of this industry is that there are online casinos that are simply in this business to exploit people like you and us.

We can honestly recommend the companies we list. We’ve tested them extensively, and they’ve convinced us of their customer-centric approaches. We’re also confident that you’ll not miss anything — games, platforms, bonuses, progressive pots — in this selection. We also hope that you have a great deal of fun searching for “your” top casino for 2017!