Founded in 1980, Novomatic has grown into one of the largest software developers in the world, and its primary focus has centered on gaming machines for brick-and-mortar casinos. Novomatic is also one of a few such companies to transition to the online space. It created the Novoline Slots brand, which were online versions of its most popular physical games, and made them available to gamers via StarGames casino.

Based in Austria and boasting more than 19,000 employees, Novomatic has had great success mirroring its game library even though many similar brands have chosen to keep their land-based and online libraries independent. In addition to online and in casinos, Novomatic games can be found in pubs, restaurants and roadside shops in more than 70 countries worldwide. Novomatic’s presence extends far beyond Europe to both Asia and North America.

In fact, some of the most popular Novomatic slot machines, such as Book of Ra, have achieved that success due to their popularity in these areas. The popularity of Book of Ra was a major impetus for Novomatic to enter the online arena in 2011.

StarGames is not the only place online to play Novomatic games, but it was the first and chosen as such because it had the exact criteria that Novomatic sought. The transition to the online space was aided by a partnership with Greentube. Greentube is a pioneer in online gambling and a great match to help Novomatic configure its games for online play. StarGames was up and operational with Novomatic games weeks after the partnership agreement was sealed.


Name Novomatic AG
Founded 1980
Legal form Aktiengesellschaft
Registered Gumpoldskirchen, Österreich
Employees 24.000
Sales 3,9 Mrd. Euro
Slots 100

Novomatic is well respected among gamers because they recognize the fairness and quality of the games. Payout odds are important, and Novomatic is up front about its return-to-player rates. Within just a few short years, the brand name became prevalent online, and that was in large part due to the success of the deluxe editions of games like Sizzling Hot and Book of Ra.

In fact, the hallmark of Novomatic online games is that they’re actually updated and optimized versions of casino classics. In addition to improved graphics and sound, the deluxe games add features and more ways to win. The success of the deluxe versions online inspired Novomatic to update its physical machines as well.

Competition in the online gambling space is fierce, and Novomatic has succeeded despite being a latecomer because its games are recognized, proven and refined. The great success that brands like Betsoft Gaming have had using Novomatic slots is also undeniable.

Novoline slots include 3D elements and vivid stories but also stay true to the classic approach that made Novomatic so successful in the first place. The brand has a massive fan base both offline and in online casinos, perhaps more than any other developer. It also offers players many lucrative gaming opportunities, but to this point, the company has chosen not to use that network to facilitate progressive jackpots. Progressives aside, large and frequent jackpots is one of the characteristics that helped Novomatic succeed so fast on the Internet.

Novomatic Casinos

Excellent MyBet Rating
  • over 120 Casinogames
  • up to 500 EUR / USD Bonus
Excellent StarGames Rating
  • Original Novomatic™ Slots
  • up to 100 EUR / GBP / USD

Game Variety at Novoline

Novoline has focused almost exclusively on slot machines, but it’s aggressive about getting those games into markets where other developers do not. You’ll discover Novomatic slot machines in many local arcades in Austria, and this is an indication of how well the company has stood by its local partners even when it began experiencing such tremendous success online. Primary focus has shifted to the online space, and with the help of Greentube, Novomatic has released games that are realistic, detail-rich and true to the original game. In fact, there are more than 100 unique titles like that online now. In addition to these remastered classics, the brand has begun to release innovative video slot games that include the types of special features that online players are gravitating toward.

Another important aspect of the success of Novoline slots is that nearly all of them are free to play. You can test them with a play currency called Stars, and if you decide after testing that you want to play for real money, it’s easy to make that transition.

Novoline has also begun to make its mark in the mobile space. At least a few of its most popular games can be downloaded as a mobile app that’s optimized for either Android or Apple devices. The company also has plans to expand in this area, and it makes sense since that is one of the fastest growing aspects of the online gaming industry.

Novomatic Book of Ra Preview and Details

Software Types

iphone pictureNovoline also focuses exclusively on games that play automatically in a browser rather than require download and installation. Of course in the mobile casino space, download and installation of apps is required because that is the nature of those platforms right now. The mobile app is available from StarGames, for instance, and can be download at no cost.

Users can even handle all aspects of their account on the mobile device, including finances. The selection of mobile games is currently more limited than the Web-based library, but it’s also constantly expanding, and that is an effort that is imperative to Novomatic’s continued success.

Why Novoline Games?

Novomatic has earned its reputation. The company has been innovative and successful at every turn, and even in Austria where it faced incredibly tough local competition, the brand prevailed. Novomatic Games have also prevailed on a global scale and has done that for as long as any company in the industry. The future looks bright for Novomatic as well. The company is active in the social space and engages its customers well. It also has non-gambling projects on the horizon that target children and adolescents.

At its core, Novoline is a diverse collection of games that offers something for all tastes. Whether you prefer the classics or something new, you’re sure to find something that appeals to and inspires you. You’ll even discover multiplayer games, which is further proof that Novoline cares more about creating worthwhile user experiences that have long-term value than turning that fast gambling dime.

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